GFM - forging machines, applications in the automobile industry

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The main application is the chipless manufacture of low-weight, rotation symmetric hollow shafts with complex interior forms and high end contour precision (e.g. gears with grooves closed on both sides, etc...), as well as hot forging of hollow drive shafts, in particular in combination with upset forging (local wall thickening).

Our concept distinguishes itself from other rotary kneading systems mainly in the following points:
* Power/force transmission through surface contact, enabling transmission of higher transformation forces.
* Permanently lubricated machine components - in closed oil circuit - requiring minimum maintenance
* Thanks to the use of the latest CNC technology, the exact movement and positioning of the tools (mandrel and hammer jaws) even under load.
* Protocol establishment, data comparison, recording of safety characteristics with incorporated oscilloscope function in the machine CNC as well as 'Debug' function for fault detection and recommended remedial action.
* Thanks to the 'closed system' also suitable for hot or upset forging
* Tool wear compensation while the machine is running, fully automatic temperature compensation.
* No foundation and no vibration transmission to the surrounding area