GFM - stack router

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Advantages of the GFM stack routing process:
*  High flexibility- Working of individual sheets 1 - 12 mm thick
- Sheet thickness from 0.2 mm possible (with cover sheet)
- Stack processing from 1 - 12 mm thick
- Sheet dimension from 300 x 300 mm to 3,700 x 1,500 mm possible
- burr free machining
- easy milling of hard (T6) and soft aluminium (O)
- 20 physical tool changing positions, 80 virtual positions
*  High profitability - High material exploitation (no fastening table)
- Use of scrap material
- No rivets required
- No expensive milling support necessary
- No need for coolants (thanks to dry machining better recycling of material chips)
*  High productivity - Optimised processing (every tool is only used once)
- No manual removal of milling web from the milled parts necessary
- Up to 6m/min milling speed possible
- Considerable reduction in manual tasks
- No standstill for machine loading and unloading
- No drilling of rivets required (drill hole - rivet - drill out)
- Efficient chip suction
*  High process safety - No vibrations
- No flushing of small parts by cooling liquid
- Tool break monitored by tool length detector
- Automatic tool length measurement and correction
*  High operating comfort - Graphically backed line scroll
- Milling of individual parts from interlace form
- Clean machining without chips and cooling liquids
- User-friendly Windows operator interface
- Optimised tool changing system
- Good accessibility and independent loading and unloading zone
*  Optimised programming - High capacity pre-processing
- extensive Nesting system
- application optimised post-processing
- Material and tool dependent cutting data base
- Link to PPS systems possible
Machine RMS-30:
RMS-30 RMS-30
Routing Routing
Routing example Example
Routing example Example