GFM - panel router

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Advantages of the GFM panel routing process:
*  High flexibility - Flat and slightly curved parts may be worked
- Planetary operation for small parts; normal operation for long parts
*  High profitability and productivity - Use of the entire tool cutting length with automatic raising and lowering of the tool shaft
- No expensive clamping forms necessary
- Vibration attenuation with height following system. This also enables elimination of delamination
- Automatic chip suction on the machining surface
*  High operating comfort - Entry of part programme with bar-code
- User-friendly Windows operator interface
- Good accessibility
- Automatic tool length measurement and length correction
- Part clamping assistance with additional foot pedal
*  Optimised programming - Individual programming of vacuum cleaner
- Cutting depth in relation to part surface
- Part alignment with fastening bolts (fixed and mobile)
RM-30 Panel routing RM-30
Panel-Routing Panel routing