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Your task:

Task Crank shaft
Our solution (e.g. FKP 80): FKP 45/60/80 milling system
* Machining capacity
-  up to 225,000 cm3/h chip removal
* Universal application
* Highest productivity
* Highest tool edge life thanks to a standing work piece
Examples of machines for the processing of heavy-duty crank shafts with the highest level of productivity i.e. low unit price for part manufacture with consequent marketing advantages:
FKP 80 FKP 80
FKP 80 FKP 80
Technical data:
Machine FKP-45 FKP-60 FKP-80
Max. crank shaft length 5,200 mm 6,000 mm 8,200 mm
Max. crank shaft offset 470 mm 680 mm 820 mm
Max. milling capacity 110 kW 160 kW 210 kW